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Board Games 3579
Outdated, but we owe it a debt of gratitude.
She hasn't aged all that well, she's still too long for the depth she yields, but hot damn, you still can't open that box without going nuts over the bits, or remembering "that game" you played that time in college where you were grinding out Russians with a wave of Panzers, sweating as Great Britain got on her feet from your early raids, and hoping the Japanese fleet could hold off the Americans long enough for you to achieve your goals.

Never worked out that way, but hey...

This game is the father of a lot of modern AT. It was the Risk-style game that bothered to differentiate units and give you a little bit more to do than just toss the bones against each other. The production scale was ramped up to "11". No one forgets the first time they laid eyes on A&A. Nobody. It was the first time I had any idea there were games like this out there.

So a nod to the old girl, even if she is too high maintenance for these modern times.
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