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Pandemic Hot
Board Games 3834
Solid co-op offering
This is a fun co-op to bust out and try to save the world from a host of plagues and diseases.

Each player works together by using the skills of their different roles to try and discover a cure for each disease, all the while stemming the tide of infection lest it overwhelm the planet.

Some of the design choices are questionable--big assed pawns that are too large for the oddly-made board that scuffs, scratches, and warps easily--but overall this is a fun game.

The difficulty level seems really wonky though. We can crush it with two but we've yet to best it with four even on the "Easy" level. And it often isn't close. Maybe we just suck, who knows. But like LOTR on the harder levels, it is a co-op game that's not afraid to challenge you.

In that regard it is a little more like a optimization puzzle. I think better bits would have help stave off the abstraction/puzzle feeling, instead of giant colored pawns stomping all over the map.


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