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History of the World
Board Games 3000
Simple and fun, but long
(Updated: October 21, 2008)
It is similar to Risk, only without a lot of stuff I don't like about Risk. All players are playing until the end, it has an epic civilization-building theme, and the game has a 7 turn limit. Players gain points by amassing land, conquering cities, and building monuments for their civilization. Unlike Risk, it is hard to go attack a specific player in HotW, since you only get one civilization each turn, and it is hard to control where your civ first appears. The biggest thing that keeps this from ever being played, though, is the long play time (one to two hours per player).

As a Risk-replacement with a cooler theme, it's great, but for the amount of time needed to play, it just can't compete with AT games with more depth.
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