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An ambitious mess
I really dig the production of this game. You'll not find a pile of more beautiful plastic miniatures everywhere.

Too bad they forgot the "adventure" in this adventure game.

Quests are all--to a one--"Place monster(s) in location. Go to this location and kill them." You kill those monsters, and increase your stats/find loot. You repeat until someone is ready to kill the endboss.

And please, PLEASE make sure that someone can kill the endboss. If you fail at this task, players will spend a loooooooong time trying to hash it out PvP style. We were well over an hour into just the PvP part when fatigue set in. This was at about the six-hour mark.

I really want to like this game. I'm a sucker for piles of miniatures. But I really don't care to ever play this game again. Skeletor is a bigger champion of this game than me, so he's found something we didn't. Just do your homework before plopping down the $80.

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