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Board Games 2067
Still solid co-op experience
It's more abstract than some would like for sure, but for a fast-playing semi-thematic co-op game, Shadows is still pretty damned good.

The Traitor mechanic keeps it fresh, that's for sure. That paranoia--who's out to betray the loyal knights?--keeps everyone on their toes. It's not uncommon for a game that's going poorly for everyone to be at each other's throat by the endgame.

The variable powers are great, and there are a lot of quests for variety.

It's brought down a few points because it suffers from a few lame quests (the Grail is a GRIND, and who bothers with the Black Knight?) and the replay can suffer over time. Still, it's beautifully produced, and can be a winner with both AT gamers and more casual folk. It's definitely worth a look.

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