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Players are largely bystanders.
It just didn't work for me. Last Night on Earth is a game that isn't going to provide you with a lot of opportunities to write the script of the story it tells.

It's very likely that if you're one of the heroes you will spend your time searching, and when you're not searching you're likely going to be moving from one place to another. Combat is an awkward affair that generally results in a push.

If you're running the zombies you move them one space and churn your cards.

The game is 95% driven by the story it paints, and that story is likely going to be well out of your control and the control of everyone else at the table. If you're comfortably watching the story play out in front of you, you'll likely enjoy the game. The bits are plush and the game certainly has its own look and feel. But that lack of player involvement was a showstopper for me.


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