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Heroscape Hot
Board Games 9034
Ninjas vs. Robots vs. Vikings
(Updated: July 31, 2008)
A light and easy miniatures game enjoyable by gamers, causal gamers, and non-gamers (it's really great with younger casual gamers). What makes it cool is that it has fantasy things, the Men in Black, army dudes, robots, and samurai, ALL IN ONE!!! How cool is that? I could probably use my warhammer40k minis for this, too. The only bad thing about all the different kinds of dudes is that it doesn't feel like it has any specific theme, or that it's any real battle.

This game would be great for anyone who would like a miniature wargame that is light, easy, relativley short and inexpensive, and doesn't require arts and crafts skills (or if you just don't have the time for it, anymore).
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