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Cash’n Guns
Board Games 2408
Reservoir Dogs With Orange Foam Guns
First of all...I feel like I'm going to jail just looking at the default image included with this Recommendation Item. Therefore, I'm writing this review with my eyes closed.

a;dsl ;as;doi, a;i;a sl;aa;slkg. Oa;lsd, a;ssli

Okay, that doesn't work.

Anyway, this game is great, light fun. A party game where you'll point orange foam guns at each other, threaten and talk shit, and try to walk away with a wad of cash. It takes three minutes to teach someone how to play.

Plus you get to point your gun at grandma, possibly in retribution for putting too much onions in the turkey and stuffing again.

Definitely a classic. A little lightweight, but still solid fun. A staple for an Ameritrasher's game library.

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