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Dominion Hot
Board Games 4401
Scratches a CCG itch--ignore the Eurogamer hype
(Updated: March 27, 2009)
Dominion is a game that combines the best of power CCG gamer combos with a sort of resource-based card draft where you create your deck on the fly.

And it totally works.

The entire game you spend your time trying to turn your deck into something playable, which believe me, your beginning deck in this game is worse than any Magic starter you ever bought--yes, those mess of Revised starters included.

There are 25 potential 'Kingdom' cards--and each is a stack of 10 which you can buy one at a time to improve your deck. Purchase, draft, shuffle in, repeat. As the game progresses you hope to make your deck better and faster than your opponent.

There is unfortunately the VP system which is appropos of nothing in terms of theme...hell, the whole game has barely any theme. Don't let that bother you--CCGs are bad at representing their theme as well, so it's not that big of a deal here. But the VPs do act as a clock, and if your opponent is buying them faster than you, you're in trouble.

Spice in enough attack cards to your taste, and you have a game that is both directly and indirectly as interactive as you want it to be. When your opponent hits you with that fifth Witch, and you feel rage bottling up inside you as you want to grab him by his throat--well, you'll realize that most Eurogames just don't have this level of interaction.

It's a pity the Euro hype crowd latched onto this so hardcore, as I think it's really burned out people from even trying it, wary of falling for the same shit hype that surrounded the far, far inferior (and much more derivative) Race for the Galaxy. Plug your fingers in your ears, ignore the other Euro-hypers, and give this a try. It really is a good game. Just remember, they may have hyped Caylus as Christ in boardgame form, but even a broken clock is right twice per day.



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