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Board Games 3192
One of the finest of its genre.
Like most, this was my introduction to Eurogames. It's an amazing game, no questions asked.

It's no filler coming in at about 90 minutes. It has concepts that are advanced for the "mainstream" gamer but it has enough accessibility to help them make that jump. It's nicely produced, has a good tempo where everyone can be involved thanks to trading, has player screwage, dice rolling...for a Euro, it's one of the best. There are some Euros that are better, but it is a tiny, tiny selection.

It was invigorating to play this for the first time, as though you'd found something new, something totally alien to a person weaned on Ameritrash. Unfortunately you eventually find out it's like finding a new radio station where they don't play the same damned 12 songs you're used to over and over again; but you listen to the new channel for two weeks and realize they're merely playing a *different* 12 songs over and over again. It's sad that one of the best Euros ever came out 13 years ago.

Anyway, gamers from every walk, fans of every genre, owe it to themselves to play this at least once. One of the very few "tentpoles" in boardgaming that everyone can point to as being an important, monumental moment.
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