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Fun, light tactical zombie game.
Though it's subject may be the cheesy B-movie type of zombie film, as opposed to the darker more "authentic" type that some prefer, Last Night on Earth does a terrific job of depicting that through its components and game mechanics.

The game seems to favor the zombies slightly, but good cooperation and a little luck on the Heroes part can help them win. Yes, there is a lot of randomness through the dice and cards, but there are also quite a lot of tactical decisions throughout and even some long-term strategy that can be employed, depending on the particular scenario.

I think the ideal number for the game is either 3 or 5, with one zombie player and either 2 players controlling 2 Heroes each or 4 players controlling one Hero each. But the game also works well for 2 and plays up to 6 (where the zombie duties are split between 2 players), and it even plays okay solitaire, using a basic "auto-pilot" system for the zombies.

This is probably my favorite game to play, as I know it will be a lot of fun and have some drama and story to it. Some games are lopsided, but many seem to come right down to the final turn and are quite tense and exciting.
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