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Board Games 14992
Long, fiddly, table-devouring... and really cool!
After finally playing through my first solo game of Arkham Horror, I had to agree with what so many others had been saying about it; it's long, the rules are a bit fiddly and have some ambiguities, it's very big in size and there's a lot of setup... and it's very cool! Several games later and it's quickly become one of my all-time favorites.

In one sense, there's not all that much that you actively do in the game with your character... your choices are mostly in the Movement Phase with a little in the Upkeep Phase and some odd choices here and there from encounter cards... but the choices you do make and the strategies you employ can be very important, and what happens is very compelling and engaging, regardless. It's a fantastic system that is not as complex as it seems, really, and is worth the effort to learn and explore.
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