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Board Games 3467
One of the games I played the most growing up. Yes it's long, but what are we? A bunch of euro-weenies? Man up and pass the IPCs! A great game for kids (grade school-college) or deployed military personnel with lots of time on their hands, the urge to kill little plastic army men, and a lust for the thrill of rolling fist fulls of dice. The only real drawback to me, is that I've become convinced the Allies are unbeatable if used properly, even with the included optional rules for helping out the Axis. Still, most people have no idea of the optimum Allied strategy, so if I'm in a game, I'll just play the Axis and try to beat the odds. A much different feel between 2 player and multiplayer games. 2 player you have much more control. 3-5 players you have the wheeling and dealing which is fun but the downtime is a lot greater.
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