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Nexus Ops
Board Games 4228
THE Ameritrash Gateway
If you told someone who doesn't play a lot of board games to imagine a game that was like Risk crossed with Starcraft the PC game, the game they'd imagine would likely be very similar to Nexus Ops.

The mission/victory point system punctuate the slugfest giving it an added layer of depth without complicating or diluting the the final product. The modular board adds a fair amount of replayability, and the theme should please the inner 12 year old inside everyone.

I fell in love with Nexus Ops because of the "Wow! Cool!" factor but I keep playing it because behind the theme lies a really excellent if simplistic game. As someone who hasn't been in the hobby even a full year yet and was introduced to Euros through Xbox Live Arcade, I should probably be a predominantly euro gamer. Not counting the few times I played Risk 2210, Nexus Ops gave me my first taste of new AT and I fell in love. Nexus Ops really is the perfect Ameritrash Gateway Game.
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