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Nexus Ops
Board Games 4288
Cartoony sci-fi-ish goodness
A quick, light, and easy wargame that is actually pretty balanced! INGENIOUS!!!

The pieces are certainly cool and nice to look at, though the box is a bit overly-yellow. The modular board is very nice, colorful, and cartoony. The game scales well for any number of players; the staggered starting income is a great balancing mechanism, and all the exploration tiles are roughly equal in value. I use blue acrylic crystals for rubium, which add a Starcraft-esque coolness to the game. The game is simple and easy, moves fast, and looks and feels way cool! Also, the pieces have a distinct alien-odor that just adds to the theme!

But, for some reason, I just don't feel like playing it very much. Since the object of the game is simply to win a bunch of battles, every game feels kind of the same. I still love the game and think it's great, but it's not my first choice, anymore.
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