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Agricola Hot
Board Games 3563
(Updated: June 28, 2018)
Alright, I know I'm going to catch hell for this one.

After all the hoopla and counter-hoopla, I wanted to just play the game and make a decision on it for myself outside of all the idiotic fanboy-like behavior of its constituency and even away from our usual AGRICOLA-bashing here at F:AT. I really couldn't care less if it's an Ameritrash game or a Eurogame, I just wanted to see how it played on its own merits. And of course, it has a lot of the awful Eurogame shit that we routinely criticize here but it also diverts from that course an awful lot. The biggest surprise for me was that the game isn't anything approaching "heavy" at all and that it's about as strategically deep as CARCASSONNE. I was also surprised that it was actually fun and that even the lack of any player interaction was OK since I enjoyed the game enough without it.

Is it a great game? Hell no. It's a good Euro and a surprisingly daring one given the implementation of CCG-style card combinations, and it is probably the best game in its class. I think it's definitely better than PUERTO RICO, CAYLUS, PRINCES OF FLORENCE, GOA, and all those other games with less heart and soul than a graveyard full of mathemetician corpses.

It's really kind of a damn shame that a company like FFG didn't publish it- a full-on plastic production could have made this something really cool, but instead we get the usual "raiding the craft store" assortment of bits.

Alright, start crucifying can't be any worse than the time my punk rock friends found out that I had an INXS record.
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