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the biggest dungeon in town
The game of choice amongst my buddies. It's got it all: Loads of characters, tons of monsters, cool miniatures, traps, terrain, variable powers, customizable Overlord deck, tons of items, treasure, squad-based gameplay, 3 expansions and even campaign play.

Descent is awesome.

The key expansions to get are the Well of Darkness for the addition of the Overlord treachery rules. Altar of Despair has treachery too, but it has fewer store items and adds some stuff that isn't included in Road to Legend.

If you want to add campaigns, making the game more of an RPG lite, get the Road to Legend expansion as it radically changes the game.

The base game by itself is pretty good, but I feel it's too easy for the heroes. The Well of Darkness expansion balances things some (also balances the treasure decks) and gives the Overlord more options which equals more fun.

Must have for any Ameritrasher.
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