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Board Games 2913
Historical Gaming at its Finest
As others have mentioned, this game is a masterpiece of diplomacy, asymmetry, and theme, burdened only by a seeming complexity (in fact many of the obscurer rules apply only to certain players) and an epic length, which, in my estimation, adds more to the game in majesty and grandeur than it takes from it in playability. For me, really, the only disappointment in the game is one common to its genre: the quality of the components, especially the paper board. One can't complain about the treasury of period artwork that adorns the good-quality cards, however, and any shortcomings in this arena certainly do not greatly diminish the rewards of Here I Stand's unique and rich play experience. Anyone with an interest in European history owes it to themselves to check this out, but it's well worth your hours even if you're not an enthusiast.
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