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True pioneering classic that unfortunately has bee
The AT fan is always torn on how to rate and review Risk. After all, this is one of THE most influential *games* of all time, not just AT but for gaming in general. It made conflict gaming available to the masses. It was light enough that grandpa would play it with you.

But do you want to drag out the old girl to play it now? When you have other choices? Not really. (NOTE: If you're talking about the new Risk re-release, things are much different.)

For one thing, the combat system was great for its day but its hard to swallow now. The "only one can fall per dice roll" makes for some oddball situations. Who hasn't dashed ten troops against 3 and ended up retreating, frustrated, because the opponent's dice got hot and you couldn't kill ANYBODY?

Plus, in Vanilla Risk there just isn't that much to DO. On your turn, try to take some ground, toss some dice and hope for the best, collect your card, move on.

Almost every child of Risk has improved on this formula, by giving you game-changing cards, special unit types or leaders/ships, objectives to fulfill, asymmetrical sides, in-game "currency", and so much more. It's hard to justify spending the long amount of time on old Risk when you can get more meat from a game in the same amount of time, with a similar feel to boot.

But we have Risk to thank for everything from Shogun to Fortress: America to Axis and Allies all the way to modern day games like Dust and even War of the Ring. So truly, Risk is a classic. Just one who has been obsoleted.
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