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What's the name of this nation Cthulu!
An adventure game without all the fantasy, instead it has a much more awesome H.P. Lovecraft theme with gangsters, drifters, nuns and psychologists (and more!) squaring off against occultists, cultists, witches, ghosts and tons of monters you can't pronounce trying to find off insanity and being devoured by big, dark, ancient gods for outer space/other dimensions.

Arkham Horror does a great job emulating an RPG (despite the lack of a DM) with its co-op gameplay, lots of stats for each character, and tons of narrative. Combat is quick and brutal but totally awesome when you get geared up with an enchanted blade and .45 pistol. The spell system feels much more arcane and dark than in your typical fantasy setting and can be tricky to pull off.

I don't have any of the expansions yet, for now the base game has lots of replayability still in it for me. Unfortunately Arkham Horror doesn't hit the table as often as I'd like.
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