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Ticket to Ride: A Game For Everyone...
(Updated: August 06, 2008)
Yea, Yea. I hear the detractors saying it is too light. But when I write reviews I basically write them on the response I get from friends when I bring a game to the table. And every time I bring this one to the table, it is always well received. Men, women, family, young, old, hip and the not so hip... I have tested this game out on many different types of people and this is one of the few that I am asked: "Hey, where can I buy this game?" Simple, fun and thematic with its cool plastic trains and excellent production values, there is much not to like about this game.... unless you are into a deeper type of game entirely.

Anyway, this is a true *Gateway* game. We play it about two or three times a year and I have personally enjoyed playing it every single time.
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