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Acquire Board Game
Board Games 2332
An All-Time Classic, versions compared
A board game masterpiece that belongs in every collection. But which version?
--Classic Avalon Hill Bookcase (1968-1976) - This is my favorite edition. The black tiles on the yellow (or brown) board offer a stark contrast for easy understanding of the board. Plus, the box is nicely compact.
--New Avalon Hill Edition (1999) - This one is highly sought-after, but I don't think it's worth the cost. The little buildings are nice, as are the much bigger board and tiles, but that means it also takes up a lot more space.
--Hasbro/Avalon Hill edition (2008) - A bare bones printing where they substituted cardboard chits for plastic tiles. The game is still playable, but you lose that tactile feel.
--Newest Hasbro/Avalon edition (2016) - Similar production to the previous entry, but with a changed board (10x10 instead of 9x12) and other minor rule changes. Avoid.
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