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Fun game, but currently collecting dust
Wings of War is a fun, little, WWI, dog fighting (airplanes, not canines) game. It's quick, chaotic and explosive! I like the open table mechanic and planning out your maneuvers in secret and executing them in three phases. It's got tons of planes, with real pilots/nationalities for you history buffs and a couple of different maneuver decks that give each type of plane it's own feel. You have faster, less maneuverable planes and slower planes that can turn on a dime.

The game is expandable but each of the box sets plays own its own. I haven't bought any of the miniatures yet as Famous Aces is currently collecting dust on my shelf. But I think the minis would be an BIG improvement over the card versions of the planes. If you're not playing on a card table the cards tend to slide around quite a bit.
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