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Heroscape Hot
Board Games 9027
I've played just once, and probably never again.

Heroscape might have been the best game in the whole world if it had been around when I was 9 years old. (Actually, Dogfight would have still been better.) It combines the fun of building things with Legos with a very basic tactical conflict game. The figures are neat-looking, the variable powers are interesting, and the dice are fun. And if I ever have a son, I will be desperate to get ahold of this game.

As an adult, I see that the flaws overwhelm the charms of Heroscape. The setup time is too long, longer than the game itself. The components present a storage problem. The gameplay is too simple to be interesting. And worst of all, the variable powers are unbalanced against each other. Even kids can eventually notice when a game is unbalanced.

For a kid, I would give this game 4 stars. For an adult, just 2 stars. So as a compromise, I gave this game 3 stars.
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