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Omen: A Reign of War

Omen: A Reign of War

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small box games

Small Box Games is proud to present it's newest title, Omen: A Reign of War

You could be the Omen prophecized: the greatest warlord the isles have ever seen. Your thirst for power is matched only by your strategic wit and cunning.

You know no rival... aside from your brother.

As sons of Zeus, you stand poised to conquer all of Greece, but not without the blessing of the gods. To determine who shall rule the domain of man, the gods have devised a contest and lent their most powerful forces for the cause: pillage and raze three cities. When the reign of war ends, only one brother will be victorious, while the other will fade into antiquity as just another half-god spawn of Zeus.

Omen: A Reign of War offers strategic card play for 2 players.  The game is ready to play right out of the box, but also offers deck building rules for additional gameplay options.

Omen: A Reign of War is a Boxed Game and Includes:
108 Standard Sized Cards
20 Composite Coins with Optional Decals
Full Color Rule Booklet

Like all other Small Box Games' games, Omen: A Reign of War is available exclusively from 

$29.95 for Domestic Customers, including Shipping and Handling.
$33.95 for International Customers, including Shipping and Handling.

You can check out the rules, see a few preview cards, and preorder your own copy now at

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