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Trail of the Brotherhood

Trail of the Brotherhood

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Richard Launius' long awaited boardgame set in the world of world H.P. Lovecraft, Trail of the Brotherhood, is finally due to be published. As of April 2011 the cards have been printed, and the publisher expects the game to ship in May. Trail of the Brotherhood has been described as a mixture of card play and board game, with a strong deductive reasoning element similar to Clue a.k.a Cluedo.

From the EOS Website:

Sorcerer Player
: In Trail of the Brotherhood one devious player takes on the role of the ancient sorcerer traveling the globe seeking to unify independent cults into The Brotherhood. It is the goal of this player to gain enough Power through the cults and utilize a magical item to summon forth the Old One (Chosen by him prior to starting the game). In order to do this the player will need to prevent the Investigators that pursue him from learning which Great Old One he seeks to awaken. He can do this a number of different ways, including direct attacks from cults in the brotherhood, misdirection and the summoning lesser creatures to do his battles. Once the Sorcerer player achieves joining enough cults to The Brotherhood to provide the power needed to summon the slumbering Old One and possesses the magic item required to complete the ceremony, he can awaken the Old One and win the game.

Investigative Players: The other players (1-3 players) take the role of Investigative Teams. It will be their job to disrupt The Brotherhood, prevent them from gaining enough power to summon an Old One into this world and ultimately to identify through discovery of Clues left in the wake of The Brotherhood’s activities the magic item required for the ceremony – then to obtain that item by taking it from a Cult or the Sorcerer and destroying it, condemning the Old One to continued least for now.

Trail of the Brotherhood is part adventure and part deductive strategy as the players enter the desperate world H.P. Lovecraft.

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