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Tanto Cuore Card Game (English Version)

Tanto Cuore Card Game (English Version)

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Japanime Games

Serve up some serious fun and fan-service with Tanto Cuore, Japan's most popular deck-building card game!

In this anime-inspired, deck-building card game based on the maid-themed sim games and anime series made popular in Japan, 2 - 4 players take on the roles of "masters of the house", employing cute maids to serve them while filling out their house.

But take care. The maids can become sick, or get bad habits!

Earn Victory Points by employing a variety of maids and "Love" cards that allow for different strategies, and tap into their special powers to gain bonuses or affect your opponents in negative ways.

When the game ends, the player who has the best collection of maids and therefore the most victory points is the perfect master and winner of the game!

All of the cards, dividers and manual fit into an easy to transport box so you can easily take the game with you wherever you want.

More information can be found on the Tanto Cuore English Website

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