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Circus Train Deluxe

Circus Train Deluxe

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Victory Point Games

Here's the next installment in the ongoing strategic collaboration between GMT and Victory Point Games. In this, one of their most popular Family/Euro games, we bring you a cross between a "pick up and deliver" and "resource management" game, with a lot of backstabbing mixed in! Component-wise, we are going for the same type of quality you saw in our first VPG project, No Retreat, Deluxe Edition (mounted gameboard, thick counters, etc). We hope you'll like this game as much as we do, and will continue to support our ongoing strategic friendship/partnership with Victory Point Games.
- Your Friends at GMT Games"


In Circus Train you are the owner and operator of a small circus train in Prohibition-era America. Through clever card hand management, you control the movement of your train around the American Northeast, making strategic business decisions about talent, performances and payroll in this fast-paced strategy game.


How Does the GMT Deluxe Version of Circus Train Differ from the Original VPG Version?

Circus Train, Deluxe Edition includes all of the materials from the original VPG game and expansion kit. It will also feature:

New art throughout. A double-sized, mounted map board. A scoring track around the outside of the map board keeps track of both Victory Points and Best Performance Scores. Improved card stock improves shuffling and card-handling. Cardboard coin pieces make keeping track of money easier and eliminate the need for the player tracking boards. Wooden pieces are included for train markers, scoring markers, and the first player marker. A cloth bag is included for drawing out Event Tokens.

P500 Price $39.00
Regular Price $59.00

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Surprisingly fun. It communicates the theme really well in spite of fairly abstract mechanics. And while a read of the rules doesn't suggest much interaction, claiming artists and performances from under the noses of the other players is key, and hugely satisfying.

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