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Lost Temple

Lost Temple

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Stronghold Games

In this game by Bruno Faidutti, 2 to 8 players are explorers looking for a mysterious lost temple. To find it, they must cross the jungle of southeast Asia and get help from the indigenous people. The first player to reach the temple on the last space of the track wins the game. The game uses a character selection rule similar to Bruno Faidutti's Citadels, and the game includes nine different characters: Shaman, Thief, Seer, Priest, Elder, Craftsman, Scout, Canoe and Child. Can you outwit your opponents and claim the discovery of the Lost Temple? This game will definitely attract all the fans of Citadels.

  • board game based on the best-selling game "Citadels"
  • nine characters with unique individual skills are at your disposal to help you
  • unique racing game with a balanced mix of bluff, chaos and tactics
  • unravel and thwart the plans of your opponents
  • quick short turns and a lot of direct player interaction
  • can be played with up to eight players: speed remains high and possibilities remain unlimited (also very nice for 2 players!

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