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World of Warcraft: Clash of Champions

World of Warcraft: Clash of Champions

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A deck-building game for 2 - 4 players

Players take on the role of some of the most iconic Heroes of the Warcraft universe, including Thrall, Jaina, King Varian, Garrosh, Sylvanas, and King Magni. When Epic Raid Bosses like Onyxia, Ragnaros, and The Lich King are defeated, your Heroes level up! Each Hero comes with four special cards that are unique to that Hero. When your Hero levels up, you get to add one of these exclusive cards to your deck. Every game plays out differently, and every Hero provides a new, customizable game experience!

Acquire Epic Loot, defeat monsters, and take on Raid Bosses that strike fear into the hearts of mortal men!

  • 423 Game Cards
    • 24 Unique Hero Ability Cards
    • 56 Starting Cards
    • 126 Item Cards (nine each of 14 different cards)
    • 126 Monster Cards (nine each of 14 different cards)
    • 3 Gathering of Legends Cards
    • 9 Epic Boss Cards
    • 32 Boss Loot Cards
    • 20 Poison Cards
    • 26 Randomizer Cards
    • 1 Deleted Stack Card
  • 6 Oversized Hero Cards
  • 1 Rulebook


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