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Mage Wars: Forcemaster Vs. Warlord Expansion Set

Mage Wars: Forcemaster Vs. Warlord Expansion Set

Game Information

Arcane Wonders

Mind Over Matter! Two opposing forces clash in head-to-head combat in the Mage Wars arena in the Forcemaster Vs. Warlord Expansion Set!

Join the fantasy phenomenon that pits Mage against Mage in an epic duel to the death! Now play as the Forcemaster - a master of telekinesis and Mind magic - or the Warlord - supreme commander of soldiers and War magic - in this boxed expansion for Mage Wars.

The Forcemaster is a master of telekinetic force and Mind magic. She is more of a lone warrior, but her keen intellect and powers more than make up for her lack of creature support. She is a master of control and can push enemies aside with a glance, hold and crush them with invisible force, and even take control of their mind. All battles are won in the mind first, and the Forcemaster has the greatest mind of all!

The Warlord is a master of the art of War. He commands a wide variety of soldiers, from the small but affordable Goblin, to his stronger Orcs, to his legendary Dwarves with their ingenious devices. He augments his forces with outposts and fortifications, heavy war machines, and powerful Earth magic. The Warlord was raised on the battlefield, it is his home, and all who meet him there will surely know it!

The Forcemaster Vs. Warlord Expansion Set includes 216 Spell Cards (with 60 New Spells which can be used with the new Mages or combined with spells from the core set to come up with brilliant new strategies), two Custom Spellbooks, two Mage Cards, two Mage Ability Cards, Die-cut markers, and complete rules.

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