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Argent: Summer Break Expansion

Argent Summer Break

Game Information

Year Published
Level 99

Even though school may be out for summer, the battle for the Chancellorship of Argent rages on! Argent: Summer Break gives players access to silly, albeit useful items, supporters, and even a new scenario. The Summer Break scenario limits the amount of students each player has, resulting in a quicker, more strategic game. SKU: IMP L99-AR003 SRP: $5.00

Editor reviews

1 reviews

(Updated: June 19, 2019)
Even less necessary adds than in the bigger expansion. Only for the completionist except, weirdly, for a strong introductory scenario which would be a great way to get people into this otherwise extremely busy game. Shame the intro scenario is included in an obscure expansion no newcomer will likely have.

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