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Unlock! Escape Adventures

Unlock! Escape Adventures

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Year Published
Asmodee Editions

Unlock! is a cooperative card game inspired by escape rooms that uses a simple system which allows you to search scenes, combine objects, and solve riddles. Play Unlock! to embark on great adventures, while seated at a table using only cards and a companion app that can provide clues, check codes, monitor time remaining, etc.

Unlock! Escape Adventures includes three separate scenarios for you to explore:

  • In The Formula, you enter a secret laboratory to recover a mysterious serum that has been developed by a scientist. Will you solve all the riddles and get out in less than an hour?
  • In Squeek & Sausage, you need to thwart the plans of the despicable Professor Noside!
  • In The Island of Doctor Goorse, you must visit the island of an eccentric antique collector billionaire and overcome its traps!

Editor reviews

1 reviews

I have no idea how to rate this. As an experience, it's novel, and quite brilliant. But like all escape the room puzzle games,. it's possible to get stuck and not be able to progress. And each adventure can only ever be played once. A fun, unique board game with zero replay value? Up to you how you feel about that.
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