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Outlive Board Game

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Dude Games

2079: Nation states as we know them have been wiped out in a global conflict over the world’s supply of clean drinking water. The world’s population has been decimated. Only an estimated 30,000 souls survive. Four distinct tribes eke out a brutal existence in the underground shelters of a blasted world. Their only hope for a better life is “Convoy,” an organization that scours the earth in search of survivors worthy of citizenship in their secret sub-aquatic colonies.

Only manpower, equipment, and survival skills matter in Today's World, and only one Tribe will earn the privilege of joining Convoy: the Tribe that has the most to offer.

Reinforce your shelter to fight radioactivity, recruit new survivors, and fix your salvaged equipment. Outlive is a worker-placement game with an innovative movement and “hero” system. Build special rooms in your shelter to gain new abilities in this game with an immersive, post-apocalyptic theme. Explore a world in ruins.

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