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Breakout: Normandy

Breakout: Normandy

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Year Published
Avalon Hill

Breakout: Normandy is the third of the Avalon Hill area-impulse wargames using some of the basic concepts first presented in Storm Over Arnhem. The game starts June 6, 1944 with the allied amphibious landings and during subsequent turns the British and American forces try for a breakout (winning by holding victory point locations is also possible for the allies), it is the job of the Germans to stop them. With a die roll every impulse determining when the turn ends the desperate mission of the allies plays out with a good deal of tension. Not enough time to do the job and not enough forces to do it. 

Standard wargame mechanics such as zones of control are simulated in a non-standard manner (through movement point costs). Excellent, playable rules for allied landings, reinforcements, and supply. Having players activate one area in an impulse keeps downtime to a minimum and gameplay can get pretty tense. An excellent game of the D-Day invasion.

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