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Emperors of Eternal Evil/Blast City

“There! Captain! Upon the Horizon!”

Words shouted upon the mast of the ship Ishara.

She sails, slicing through the endless waters of 1850. Whalers, at the end of their hunt, voyage toward a nearby land. The waters darken. It is Halloween night. Upon the mast a strange warning is called. ‘What is upon the horizon?! Is it Whale? Or perhaps an innocent shipwrecked sailor in need of help?’ The Captain considers the tone of the voice, there is certainly something more haunting within the call, a fear. ‘A shark? A tidal wave? What is upon on that horizon? In the blackness of the night?’

Earlier in the evening a floating body was pulled aboard. Dead. Scrawled in its flesh were visions of impossible Sea Serpents, man-like forms of Seaweed, satanic Crabs, and a haunting ancient people. It could not be real?! The Sea Peoples?! Sirens?! Impossible! The journey has been far too long and demanding, the crew, weary. They will get to port soon and be home with their families. What is on that horrible Horizon?!! A Kraken?! A Hurricane?! It could not be! There is a story of a Witch, a Sea Witch! But it cannot be real?!

The Captain, composing himself, whispers a prayer and asks, "What is it? What do you see?"

Sea Evil is a horror simulation experience. Unlike games that tend to aim for a perfect balance, Sea Evil's main focus is delivering the terrifying experience that occurred on this Halloween night. Characters and situations are not balanced to equal one another but created to simulate the actual experience as it happened. The game begins with a whaling ship on the sea waters, Evil begins to unfold each turn adding greater potential to destroy the Whalers. Through sea navigation and harpoon hunting skills the whalers can possibly reach the shining rays of a coastal lighthouse. THE WITCH RETURNS! DARKNESS DESCENDS UPON THE WATERS!

Sea Evil is a tactical hex and counter game with each token representing an individual character. Characters have sheets with some individual stats related to speed, strength and will to live. The Whalers can win if they can navigate themselves to the Lighthouse or slay the Sea Witch. Evil triumphs if it can destroy the Whalers in the waters.

Sea Evil, and Halloween Nightmares Horrorgame Magazine are a very visceral experience and we have rated it X. Anyone one under the age of 18 is NOT permitted to play. Pregnant or players with a fragile or nervous disposition are strongly encouraged NOT TO PLAY THIS GAME!

—description from the publisher



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how faceless joe lost his legs
(Updated: January 04, 2020)
Nowhere near a balanced game—it didn't even date one "at another school" (that picture totally came with the wallet)—this is a "horror simulation experience" that tells the story of what happened aboard the doomed whaler Ishara on Halloween Night, 1850.

Think of it as a hex-'n-counter wargame / single-scenario RPG skirmish / party game and you're dead on. The slashes are important here because this thing is a goddamn frankenbeast stitched together from storm-flung carcasses. There is nothing else like it—not even close—and it lives. IT LIVES!

You can do it as a head-to-head wargame, or—for best results—as an event with 5 other people! (Don't forget (like I did) that when a player runs out of whalers & neutrals they can help run the monsters...)
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