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Smash City

Smash City

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Smash City is the action-packed game of Kaiju combat! Toss your giant monster dice at your foes to perform devastating attacks! Crush cities and spread fire, electricity, poisonous gas and radiation! Throw cars and destroy tanks! Inflict maximum carnage like a true Kaiju!

Players must have good aim and a deft hand as they roll their monster dice into the city knocking down buildings and attacking anything within range. You might even be able to throw cars at your foes!

Each of the four Kaiju has special powers and each favors a particular energy type. Use these to crush your foes and smash the city!

Players gain SMASH! cards as they destroy the city and will have to use their cards and powers to full effect if they hope to overcome their foes and be the victor of Smash City!

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ubarose's Avatar
ubarose replied the topic: #291777 07 Feb 2019 13:07
Steve Tank Top Avery has a game coming out in April
Dr. Mabuse's Avatar
Dr. Mabuse replied the topic: #291782 07 Feb 2019 13:50
That's fantastic! All hail to Our Tanktop Overlord!!!