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Rio Grande Games

In the award-winning family game ,Cartagena, the players play cards to move their pirates actress Tortuga, leap-frogging over the other players' pieces at just the right times. 

The challenge comes in deciding which pirate to move with which card so you don't help the other players more than you help yourself, as well as when to move a pirate backwards to draw cards. The first player to move all their pirates to the Sloop at the end of the Island will win. 

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At its core this is a very simple game - it's like Colovini looked at Candyland and turned it into a strategy game. (That's meant to be a complement). It's a race game in which you have to get all your pirates to the other end of the track. Play a card to move a pirate to a matching symbol on the board; the catch is to get more cards you have to move your pirate back to where you or someone else has a pirate or two stationed. So it's all about managing your position in relation to others; if you leave a pirate behind it can be very difficult to catch up, but not getting out ahead makes it easier for other to leapfrog you.

The newest edition comes with a range of variable setups and additional rules to allow you to play how you want, adding in the obstacle of a boat passage with limited seats, playing backwards, or with special powers, which are thematically fun (you can rob other players with a gun card, light a lamp to look at the next cards in the deck, etc).

Some not bad old-school german-style family entertainment to be had here.

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