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Air, Land and Sea

Air, Land and Sea

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Arcane Wonders

You are the Supreme Commander of your nation's military. To achieve victory, you must overcome your enemies in the Air, Land, & Sea. Strategically place your forces to secure theaters of combat and lead your nation to glory!

As a general, you must carefully deploy your forces across three possible theaters of war: air, land, and sea. If you can control two out of three of these theaters, you will win the current battle. But winning a single battle is not enough to win the game. And in fact, sometimes you may want to surrender and lose a battle on purpose in order to win the larger war.

Tactically deploy face-up cards to matching theaters. Reinforce theaters with face-down cards and create potential ambushes. Plan strategic withdrawals that cost you a battle to win the war!

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Pretty pointless game of trying to build numbers on your side of three bases, while your opponent does the same. Feels a lot like Battle Line/Schotten Totten but with special powers instead of card sets. Play Battle Line instead.
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