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Circus Maximus

Circus Maximus

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The grandeur and decadence of ancient Rome in your living room! Violent and bloody, Circus Maximus details the chariot races that occurred in ancient Rome. Eight teams race around the track three times to determine victory. Players prepare for the race by selecting the composition of their team of horses, their rider's skills, and the type of chariot that will be driven. Once the race begins the players are free to do as they wish to hamper the other racers including whipping the rider, ramming chariots with scythed wheels, smashing into horses, and running over crashed opponents. A campaign game of multiple races, in which players have to manage their teams and can increase their income by betting on races, is also possible.

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Ben-Hur Chariot Scene the game. The very repetitious dice-rolling might be a little outdated these days, but especially once the "advanced rules" are in play - and they aren't any more complicated than the basic rules - there are very few race games which compete in terms of telling such a detailed story, complete with drivers winning by being dragged over the finish line by runaway horses, drivers blinded to attacks on one side having suffered an eye wound, drivers jumping the wreckage of unfortunate chariots, and yes, blades on wheels.
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