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Flamme Rouge: Meteo Expansion

Flamme Rouge: Meteo Expansion

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Expansion for
Stronghold Games

Flame Rouge: meteor is the second expansion to the hit racing game flame Rouge. 

This introduces players to weather phenomenon such as storms, side winds, and head winds. Flame Rouge gets even more realistic - and fun - than ever in this amazingly great, thematic racing game! Get ready for the tour D' Fun when you add this expansion, flame Rouge: meter, to your base game of flame Rouge!

Editor reviews

1 reviews

Crosswind, Tailwind, Headwind are exactly what I've come to expect with the expansions for Flamme Rouge: subtle changes in a game filled with subtle strategy. Wet is the wildcard, the Sprinteur plowing directly into the apple cart and upsetting it. It's a low-priced expansion that worth it for the addition of the rain condition alone.

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