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Godzilla Card Game

Godzilla Card Game

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From Bandai, the creators of the smash hit Dragon Ball Super Card Game, and the renowned American game designer Ryan Miller, comes a new expandable card game series! 

Utilizing the universal Chrono Clash system, the universes and characters used will draw in players of card games, board games and each respective universe's fans alike. This will enable the creation of a player community much larger than any traditional card game! The Chrono Clash System is covering new ground after the Naruto Boruto Card Game, and will feature the world of the earth-shaking giant monster Godzilla!

The Godzilla Card Game will have artwork like never before! The 3D art gives the cards greater realism and helps draw out the devastating Godzilla world.

 Include four pre-constructed 50-card decks plus a 16-card sideboard, as well as 24 double-sized cards, 4 turn sequence cards, 4 play mats, and a multi-language play manual.

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