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Dizzle Roll & Write Game

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Game Name
1 - 4
Year Published
Stronghold Games

Players place dice on their game sheets in fields with corresponding pips. At the end of each round, the fields are crossed out. The more fields that are crossed out, the more points and special actions players accumulate. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins Dizzle!

Sounds simple, right? Wait until another player bombs your sheet!

In dizzle, players want to fill their scorecards with dice collected Each round. Players take turns selecting dice from the center of the table. After the first die is collected, the next die collect by a player must be linked physically with the previous dice he or she collected on this Turn. At the end of a round, mark all boxes on your scorecard filled with dice, and then return the dice to the center to start a new round. This might sound simple, but of course others will compete for the dice you need. Players score in various ways based on how well they fill up their sheet. And don't forget to watch out for those bombs in... Dizzle!

If you liked that's pretty clever (Ganz schön clever) and twice as clever (doppelt so clever), then dizzle will provide hours of fast paced entertainment!

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