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8th Kid Games

Bite-Me combines an epic battle of survival between Humans, Vampires, Werewolves, and Zombies with hilarious quirky artwork, cheesy puns, and strategy for the ultimate card game.Imagine you are trapped at a table and only one player will survive. Your only hope is to infect and turn the other players into monsters like Vampires, Werewolves, or Zombies, so you can kill them. Kill one of each type of monster and still be human and you win! The problem is all the other players are trying to infect you so they can kill you. Plot your strategy to use magical objects, spells, and weapons to battle Monsters, defend yourself, or become human again.

  • All players start the game as Humans
  • Players infect humans into vampires, werewolves, and zombies
  • Each player starts as human and could be changed into one, two, or all three types of monsters within a game
  • How to Kill Monsters (other players after being infected)
  1. Standard battle - Players attack and try to kill monsters (other players) with weapons or magic
  2. Alpha battle – Every time more than one monster in a species is created, an Alpha battle to the death must happen (IE 2 vampires, 2 Werewolves. 2 Zombies) Alpha will gain strength until next species change. Loses of Alpha battle will lose strength until his/her next species change.
  • Combinations of 2 cards in a turn add strategy
  • Protection cards and strength cards add strategy
  • Rejuvenate cards saves a life or turns a monster back to human
  • Each player has 4 lives
  • Player elimination is possible but not likely

Unique Features

  • Player personalities – Each player picks a personality card (score card) at the beginning of the game. When a player is turned into a monster, that player must now pick that type of monster personality until he/she changes species again
  • Alpha battles – Players will find that Alpha battles are a major strategic tool on how to win Bite-Me. With the right combination of cards, a player can cause two other players to battle to the death.
  • Unique card features – There are some unique cards such as the Reflection Shield, Bite This, Monster Shuffle, and Nuclear Strike that can impact the course of the game if played at the right time and situation. The use of these cards makes game play different from others on the market.

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