Dino Land - The Lost World of Dinosaurs

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Dino Land - The Lost World of Dinosaurs

The colorful world of dinosaurs, hidden from all impregnable rocks, with clearings for picking fruit. DINO Land is a quest in which every player seeks to more likely go from a baby hatched from an egg to an adult dinosaur.

Features of the game "DINO Land":

  • 4 color dinosaur figures from ABS plastic included;
  • the game is suitable for school children and family leisure;
  • several levels of difficulty of the game and original mechanics;
  • slightly pronounced competition between the players minimizes the conflict in the game;
  • colorful design and decoration make the game a great gift for the child.


Box size: 315x300x60 mm

  • playing field (530x455 mm)
  • bright colored dinosaur figures made of ABS plastic (4)
  • location tokens (8)
  • location menu tablets (5)
  • players growth markers (4)
  • cube
  • rule book

Number of Players: 2-4Age of players: from 6 years

Time for game party: 10-25 minutes

Time to learn the rules: 5 minutes


Dino Land - The Lost World of Dinosaurs
Dino Land - The Lost World of Dinosaurs

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