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Forest: The Legend of Manticore

Forest: The Legend of Manticore

In the game "Forest", players have to transform into a team of heroes who protect their hometown from the terrible Manticore with magic and steel.

This game belongs to the genre of cooperative games, very popular in the world, but still rare in Ukraine. Unlike classic board games, focused on the victory of one player over others, cooperative games require the cooperation of players to achieve a common goal. In cooperative games, either all players win, or, together, lose. Such games are attractive for family leisure and children's companies. A joint game of children and parents, where parents for children are not competitors, but helpers and allies, will leave exclusively positive impressions for all players: it’s nice to win with dad and mom, and it’s not a shame to lose.
"Forest" is well suited for children of secondary school age, and is an excellent alternative to computer games, since the bright fantasy surroundings of the game can completely captivate teenagers.


Box size: 315x300x60 mm

Box Options:

  • playing field (530x450 mm)
  • 8 character tokens
  • 1 Manticore chip
  • 5 character and Manticore cards
  • 7 monster chips
  • 70 road and artifact tokens
  • cube and rule book

Number of Players: 1-4

Age of players: from 8 years

Time for game party: 40-60 minutes

Time to learn the rules: 20 minutes


Forest: The Legend of Manticore
Forest: The Legend of Manticore

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