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Coma Ward

Coma Ward

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Sterile, blinding whiteness — coupled with deafening, Repetitious beeps — shocks you awake.

Your heart rate slows and your breathing steadies as you realize you are in a hospital. You glance around, finding your room empty. You read your identifying armband to see a name you don't recognize. As your bare feet Smack to the cold tile floor and you steady your wobbling body, you feel the foreign presence of absence.

You are alone… in coma ward, players are patients who have awoken in an abandoned, yet still functioning hospital with no memory and no idea of what is happening. Patients must search the hospital for clues and necessities. In their search, patients may find unspeakably terrifying things.

Each time you play, you explore an ever-changing hospital as you search for the clues to your identity and the cause of the environment's unsettling emptiness. Balance your ever worsening terror and neurosis while monitoring your health and physical attributes. Remember to stay close to those who awoke with you because the shadows of the empty hospital can destroy your already fragile psyche.

Once all the clues have been discovered, the true horror begins. Players discover what is actually happening and find out who they can trust — if anyone — and how to win. Each playing is a unique phenomenon that introduces diverse and dynamic rules. Coma ward is a mature game with themes of violence, absolution, distrust, gore, And traumatic incidence. Player discretion is advised.

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