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The Shining Board Game

The Shining Board Game

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3 - 5
Year Published

Travel to the heart of the Rocky Mountains to take charge of the Overlook Hotel while it is closed for the winter. Except, you aren't alone...

The Shining is a suspenseful game of cooperation, deception and terror! Explore the Overlook Hotel as a Caretaker and test your Willpower against the evil influences lurking there. Can you work together to survive the winter? Or will one of you be corrupted, secretly acting against the other players, trying to make former team members a permanent part of the hotel's bloody history?

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drewcula's Avatar
drewcula replied the topic: #306604 25 Jan 2020 09:36
I will own this. I will always own this.
Shellhead's Avatar
Shellhead replied the topic: #306624 26 Jan 2020 13:22
In theory, I really want this. But I am trying to visualize the design, and it seems like it would be comparable to Betrayal at House on the Hill, only with a single board layout and a single scenario. The description makes it sound like co-op with a possible secret traitor, which is tricky to balance. Co-op without a traitor might be too easy, or else the presence of the traitor makes it too hard. Might still want it if the components really nail the setting and the gameplay successfully evokes the feel of the movie and/or book.
Sagrilarus's Avatar
Sagrilarus replied the topic: #306629 26 Jan 2020 20:59

drewcula wrote: I will own this. I will always own this.

Dolly Parton fan.