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NANO Corporation

NANO Corporation - economy as it is!

Game Information

2 - 4

Economy as it is!


In the game "NANO Corporation" you have to build your business from scratch. The player is given a small start-up capital, using which you can hire workers, buy mines, factories, transport, extract resources and improve technology. You need to act faster than your competitors - optimally build production at all your enterprises, accumulate capital in order to be the first to produce the most expensive and high-tech resource - BIOrobot.

The rules of the game are based on the basic economic laws of supply and demand, competition. diminishing returns and economic growth, so NANO Corporation is an economy as it is!

Economic strategy of a new format!

"NANO Corporation" is a Ukrainian economic game that immerses adults and children in the real world of market relations and interesting competition for productive assets, resources and nanotechnologies.In this game you will build a business, trying to make the most of your business acumen, start-up capital and hired labor. The game applies a number of basic economic laws that are useful to know for both adults and children. Launching mines and mines in open fields, trading in resources and risky operations with competitor enterprises (and a bit of luck) will allow you to create your own industrial empire. The main goal of the game is to be the first to produce a BIOrobot at your enterprise!

Features of the game "NANO Corporation":

  1. a game for a company of teenagers and for family leisure;
  2. rules based on real economic laws;
  3. the ability to adjust the complexity of the game due to the cost of labor;
  4. interesting for both teens and adults;
  5. the influence of random factors is limited;
  6. the possibility of implementing several economic development strategies.

The composition of the game:

1. A playing field with hexagonal markings.
2. Business cards - 28 pcs.
3. Technology cards - 30 pcs.
4. Resource tokens - 80 pcs.
5. Chips of employees - 50 pcs.
6. Transport cards - 9 pcs.
7. Event cards - 50 pcs.
8. Players' chips - 4 pcs.
9. Hints cards - 4 pcs.
10. Game rules.
11. The board of the exchange.
12. Markers of players.
13. Price markers.


NANO Corporation - economy as it is!
NANO Corporation - economy as it is!

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