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  • D100 Dungeon - The Dragon Armour - Adventure Book One

D100 Dungeon - The Dragon Armour - Adventure Book One

D100 Dungeon - The Dragon Armour - Adventure Book One
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The Dragon Armour - Adventure Book One introduce a different way of playing D100 Dungeon, and will give you choices much like a traditional adventure game book. It use all of the D100 Dungeon game rules from the main rule book with a few modifications.

Also included are some additional rules that can be used in any of your D100 Dungeon games; whether playing a quest, campaign or an adventure. They include rules to destroy doors that are blocking your way (either with spells or by smashing through them with a hand weapon), and rules for multi-slot armour (that protect more than one location slot). The new adventure game also requires a new type of dungeon sheet and if you own the mapping game included are some new tokens needed to play the adventure game, which are included to cut out (or can be downloaded).

You will need the D100 Dungeon rule book to use this book.

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An excellent addition to a great game system. The story is engaging and fun, plays like a choose-your-adventure book. Somewhat replayable, I played twice, once solo, once with my son. Highly recommend!
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